What Gardening Taught Me About Art and Entrepreneurship

So, my folks have been grilling me for quite some time that I need to do more personal work. And they are right. In the last 18 months, I have hardly drawn, painted or written anything outside of Dastaan World. Even before that, most of my work was “work-related”.

Time to Decide

So here is what I have decided:

  1. Half an hour of daily sketching
  2. Half an hour of daily writing. (Yes, I used to write back in the prehistoric era)
  3. Move the ruins of my ancient blog to a better location and start renovation work.
  4. Post the daily art and writing to the blog and to the social media.
  5. Put at least ONE of my learning outcomes in action every single day

And guess what, today is Day-One!

And this is my half hour of daily writing. The most interesting part is that I have reached this far in barely six minutes, and I am terrified of the thought that I still have 24 minutes to go. Perhaps, I should include editing time in these thirty minutes too. What do you suggest?

Talking of suggestions, please feel free to give me your suggestions in comments about the five promises I have made to myself. Anything I should be adding or subtracting from here? Or any tips and tricks for following through?

How To Follow Through And Get Results

I haven’t been that great at following through. I tend to start a lot more things than I finish. Which means I have tons and tons of works-in-progress lying all over the place, which never see the light of the day. But it also means any one of those things can come out and change the world at any point in time. It needs to be finished first, though.

But there is one thing in the recent past that I have been religiously following through on. Organic gardening. My front yard had been lying there dry and barren for quite a few centuries now. So one day I just decided to go low budget and eco-friendly on it, and grow an organic jungle on those couple of hundred square feet. The inspiration came from initiatives in Japan, India and Pakistan that are trying to make urban forests popular. Here I come, Mother Earth!

Long story short, I have been watering that barren little waste of land and throwing kitchen scraps as compost for the last 8-10 months or so. And I almost had tears in my eyes today, looking at all those pretty little greenies in there. Including the younglings of tomatoes, citrus boys, bitter melons and the wildlings of the desert that I live in.

My Pretty Little Greenies!

What Organic Gardening Taught Me About Business, Marketing and Social Media

And this miracle of nature got me thinking. “Jerk! If you turn this wasteland into an oasis by a daily dose of water and compost; if you can turn a tea-and-smoke gathering of friends into Dastaan Online just by doing art everyday; just think of what you can achieve with a few daily slots of 30 minutes each, dedicated to activities that would make a difference.”

This also reminded me of The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. It basically suggests that you don’t need to make any big changes in your life to achieve big results. All you need is small action steps taken consistently over a long enough stretch of time.

So I’d suggest you to take a good look at your short, medium and long term goals and figure out what small action you can take TODAY that will make a difference a year from now. Then take that small action EVERYDAY for one full year.

And I promise you, you’ll have tears in your eyes looking at all those pretty little greenies in your life.

And here’s today’s little touch-ups to this old painting in progress of the Dude from Beyond the Wall

UPDATE: #WinterIsOver #AllHailBranTheBroken #YouKnowNothingJonSnow

Tell me about your strategies for following through. And challenges.

Oh, and please do me a favor. Share this post if you found it useful.

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