Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Primer

Not art-related. But yes, finance-related, tech-related, and future-related. 😉

Honestly, I have believed in Bitcoin from the start, because I trust my friends who are closely involved with technology, but I don’t understand Bitcoin properly. And I know for a fact that a vast majority doesn’t.

Given how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have pretty much dominated the news these days, it has a become a household topic. I got a little offended when a distant acquaintance leveled some very uneducated criticisms at Bitcoin and compared it to a “stray monkey” the other day.

Just now, my mom just asked, “What is Bitcoin anyway?” and my dad casually responded, “Scam!”

And that triggered a passionate debate on the legitimacy of Bitcoin and the ignorance of the masses. I knew I don’t fully understand it either. And that’s when I came across this video that I found quite informative.

Check it out, and enjoy. And let me know what you guys think.

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