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Hey guys.

I am back after like what, more than a year? SHIT! Oh well, I am a lazy bum anyway. So yeah, it’s OK. 😀

Well, well. What’s new in animation land? I have a new damsel in distress to rescue, and the lady in question is Madame Classical Animation!

Yes, a year as a 3D character animator and a year as associate producer convinced me that I really need to know the traditional aspects of film making and animation if I have ever to reach my goals and aims. So yeah, I am planning to start my education in that area soon.

For now, I have joined “Don’s Club” formed by veteran animator and director Don Bluth. I am still in the process of familiarizing myself with how the forums and the community works in general. But I am loving the air of that place! Like-minded people from around the globe helping each other out.

It may or may not be as great as Animation Mentor or iAnimate, but well, it’s not a school in first place either. It’s a community of artists helping each other.

The part I am looking forward to the most is the weekly online seminars with Don Bluth. Can’t really wait to attend one! 😀 😀

For some time, I have not really been doing 3D, and most of my practice is directed to my sketchbook or hand-drawn animation.

In case anybody is interested, some pages from my sketchbook can be seen here:

Don’t expect much, though 😛

Adieus, amigos!

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