Animation Tutorial in Urdu

Hey guys. I decided to do an animation tutorial in Urdu language to further help the would-be animators in Pakistan. If even one person finds it helpful, I’d consider my effort has been put to good use.
Have fun, and keep animating! 🙂
P.S. The animation previews in this video look a bit choppy. That is a problem with my screen capture software settings. Please accept my apologies. I don’t wanna redo this thing, because it was done in a completely “straight-ahead” fashion, and cannot be replicated in the exact same way. But I promise I will take care of this thing before uploading the next tutorial. And that would only be uploaded if I receive any positive feedback on this one. 😛 😀

5 thoughts on “Animation Tutorial in Urdu”

  1. Your tutorial in my opinion is boring. Animation is about fun, creativity, technology, energy, acting. Ive seen Jason Ryan and Richard William Videos, they are full of energy and they looked like they desperately wanted to give away all their knowledge about animation. Where as in your case, it looks like someone has forced you to teach.

    But Nice Effort……!!!

  2. Dear friend, I appreciate you effort, many thanks, though partially cgxman is also right, the pace is a little slow, but I think you will over come it if you decided to keep your effort 9which i would really want to see)

    here are some points that bothered me,
    1)stop moving too much infront of cam 😛
    2)Plz make slide show of you are going to cover this way you don't have to write on the spot, and people restless
    3)I dont know which software you are using and i was clueless what you are doing, it would be nice if audience know what tools are you using. If you can make a tutorial covering basics of the software in some video.
    Lastly a request, Plz share with us your experience in you job at beginner stage and what would you advice to novice students coming in this field.

    if you could look at some of my work 🙂

    Choudry Arif
    Graphic Designer / Concept Developer
    Karachi Pakistan

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