I am back.

Hey! Don’t mind if I sound a bit dull, as i am quite bored, tired and sleepy right now. Why? Aarrghh, forget it!

Anyway. Let’s get to the juicy stuff, viz, animation!! 🙂
So, it’s been around five months since I posted something here. I was reminded of the very existence of this blog by an unexpected visitor to this blog, who later contacted me on LinkedIn. Thanks, Erfan.
Updates are as follows:
I am FINALLY working in actual production environment. It’s quite challenging, but a hell lot of fun. But that’s the name of the game. Easy ain’t no fun, right? The next hottie in line after Exaggeration is Overlapping Action (refer to previous post) . And I have also developed a renewed infatuation with 2D animation, thanks to Jason Ryan. What a guy! He makes 2D animation seem so easy, and of course, fun!
Oh yeah, how could I ever forget!? The latest hot product in Pakistani CG industry is a game called Cricket Revolution, developed by the Lahore-based Mindstorm Studios. Check out the following videos.

Another hot topic is a series of satirical Qawwalis (a form of traditional music in Indo-Pak subcontinent) developed by a new studio, featuring a character called “Baankay Mian”. I have not seen it myself, but from whatever I have heard from people, it did not live up to the expectations and hype it had generated before its launch. But that’s just hearsay. I can’t make any personal comments since I haven’t seen it myself.
Well, I think I have ran out of random stuff to talk about, so let’s call it a day. I wish a very happy Ramadan to everyone out there.
Keep animating, and have fun. (Blatant plagiarization of Shawn Kelly’s words. 😀 )

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