Dreams, and how they come true

It’s kind of weird when you’re asked about your job, or about your education. And even more so, when you’re asked about both. You know what I mean if you decide to become an animator after doing you bachelors in business administration in a country where MBA’s are worshiped, and animation is as much of a household word as Australopithecus africanus.

You just decide, and then lo and behold. The universe starts rearranging itself, and you feel you’re stuck right in the middle of Murphy’s Law. But as the dust settles, you’re awe-struck by what awaits you. Your dreams stand right in front of you as a physical reality, ready to embrace you. This is how I felt when I got hired at the studio that is understandably regarded as Pakistan’s Pixar (in the local industry’s context, of course).

Well, I don’t know what else to write in continuation of these random thoughts. I think, as i have promised a friend, i’ll just embed a couple of short films I liked in this post, and call it a day.

Have fun everybody. (And keep animating, as Shawn Kelly says). đŸ˜›



GREED from Alli Sadegiani on Vimeo.


Jungle Jail

Alien Song (This one is an oldie, launched around a decade ago. But i think it’s an absolute classic. And Victor Navone is one of my role models)

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